Alcona Mounted SAR Posse
P.O. Box 1, Lincoln, Michigan 48738 Telephone: 989-736-7627

"You're never really lost, just geographically challenged!"


Our current 10 member search and rescue group was founded by John Parsons in 2000/2001. John was motivated by his love of horses and his commitment to community service to create a search and rescue posse that could serve Alcona and surrounding counties in times of crisis. His efforts began as a member of the Alcona County HAM Radio Operators. Volunteer work with the highly dedicated HAM team, providing emergency communications services, inspired John to organize a group that could offer mounted SAR services. His years of advanced horsemanship handling & specialized equestrian training along with his life-long affiliation with 4-H and professional coordination of equestrian events both in and outside of the show arena gave him the confidence to establish a mounted SAR team.

Alcona Mounted Search and Rescue Posse Mission Statement.....

Members carry out a tradition of helping others by dedicating time, information, skills, and equipment to the relief of suffering, and to the humanitarian cause of saving lives. They are volunteers working to help county, state, and government agencies find, aid, and assist lost and/or injured hikers, hunters, children, or others in need.

Our members (people & horses!) are trained, capable and willing to go out at any time and in any type of weather to search for lost or missing persons, and to aid and assist them in any way including emergency medical care.

We are not law enforcement officers nor deputies. Our members include both professional and avocational horsemen and others with a range of training and experience related to mounted search and rescue (MSAR). Most of our SAR missions are in back country or wilderness areas. We run our own program of training and certification for both horse and rider

Our membership is strictly volunteer. Volunteers individually pay for and maintain their own horses, trucks, and trailers as well as pay for supplies and educational expenses.

Would you like to join us? We are recruiting! Experience is not required for provisional membership or members who are ground/site personnel: we will help you train. Mounted members are required to meet basic riding standards and to have their own personal SAR gear, tack, suitable horse, trailer, and hauling vehicle (usually a truck). We are seeking to greatly expand our membership and would love to have you as part of our team as either a mounted rider or ground support person. Please visit our page "Join Us?" for more information!

Our Goals

1. To constantly train ourselves and our horses so that we can safely and quickly search the largest area feasible and perform the appropriate rescue if required, including emergency medical care.

2. To seek out the latest in search and rescue techniques and equipment.

3. To continuously work to raise our standards of search and rescue efforts doing so to achieve and render the highest levels of performance without regard to race, sex, religion, cultural background, sexual preference, economic, or social condition in our sincere effort to serve our community and humanity.

Join us in October 2004 for the 3rd Annual Posse Roundup!

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