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"The Sudsiest Ghost Town in the US!"
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Soap Making Supplies
Enjoy the Adventure of Soap Making!

Soap making is an adventure of creativity! You can enhance your sudsy, creative adventures by adding natural colors, textures and unique fragrance combinations to a recipe. By doing so, you create your own recipes that uniquely represent your artistic perspective. No other craft offers such endless opportunities for creative exploration and expression!!! Don't hesitate to explore.... what you think could be, probably will be, great!

Natural Dried Botanicals for Texture

Lavender Flowers
Item # B1
2 ounces/$3.00

Rose Petals
Item # B2
2 ounces/$3.00

Peppermint Leaf
Item # B3
2 ounces/$2.00

Item # B7
2 ounces/$2.00
Item # B5
2 ounces/$3.00

Calendula Flowers
Item # B6
2 ounces/$2.00

Item # B4
2 ounces/$4.00

Comfrey Root Cut
Item # B8
2 ounces/$2.00

Natural Colorants

Item # B9
2 ounces/$2.50

Item # B11
2 ounces/$3.00

Item # B10
2 ounces/$2.00

Kelp Grains
Item # B12
2 ounces/$2.50

Soap Making Oils

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Killmaster Soapworks Natural Soap Company
"The Sudsiest Ghost Town in the US!"
P.O. Box 1
Greenbush, Michigan USA 48738
phone: 517-736-SOAP (7627)

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